Creative concept development focussing on positive impact.



YX is a concept development company focussing on innovation and positive impact. The combination of creativity with payment, BIG data and smart contracts offers effective and efficient possibilities.
‘We started YX because setting up new concepts is way more fun than running a grown up company. We’re happy to have the right people and partners for turning ideas into companies’

The strategy for changing concepts into products and services

With a strong team we combine creativity and technology to develop and launch concepts by working closely with potential clients.
  • Using a technical approach and new technologies to solve old problems
  • Creating and investing together with potential clients
  • Attracting top-class teamplayers by working on an innovative, young and social image


Unique selling points for concept development


Weekly brainstorm sessions are bringing new technical solutions and daily problems together. Only the strongest ideas will be followed up and go into the research-phase.

Excecuting and development power

At YX we created a fun and young team of top-class professionals. Marketing, projectmanagement and developers are working together in teams and making things work every day.

Succesful launching model

The proven launching model is based on a strict research-phase directly followed by agile developing a testable minimum viable product together with clients.

Capital and partner network

YX invested in creating a large network in the financial- and technical world for improving concepts and accelerating the time to market.

Team skills

Development power
Front-end, back-end and UX-design.
Launching strategy
Using proven strategy for launching and bringing products to a next level.
Highly motivated to make everything work smoothly.

All concepts start at the ‘Innovation Floor

YX is situated at the W200 building in the centre of Rotterdam. The concepts YX developed are all managed by individual and focussed team-leads. Technology, strategy and an inspiring office is something we share in order to work efficiently and effectively. With the knowledge of several start-ups at the same floor, our Innovation Floor is a firebox for creativity and tech skills. When YX companies reach over 10 employees, it’s time to move out…